Gender Born, Gender Made (2011); The Gender Creative Child (2016) by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD.
She has decades of experience with gender nonconforming children and lives and works in the Bay area.

Becoming Nicole; The Transformation of an American Family (2015) by Amy Ellis Nutt.

Mom, I Need to be a Girl by Just Evelyn.
Published as a book and also online at

Helping Your Transgender Teen; A Guide for Parents (2011) by Irwin Krieger
A short, simple introduction, but makes guidelines for medical transition sound more inflexible than they are.

The Transgender Teen (2016) by Brill and Kenney (associated with Gender Spectrum).
Mixed reviews – a lecturing tone, some vocabulary errors; but appreciated by some parents just starting out. Addresses non-binary.

Beyond Magenta: Transgender and Nonbinary Teens Speak Out (2015) by Susan Kuklin.

Becoming a Visible Man, 2nd ed (2020) by Jamison Green.

Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience (2006) by Matt Kailey.

Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not (2009) by Joanne Herman.

She’s Not There; A Life in Two Genders (2003) by Jennifer Finney Boylan.
The author is an English professor who transitioned in adulthood (with a wife and kids). Very readable and great perspective.

Through the Door of Life; A Jewish Journey between Genders (2012) by Joy Ladin.
This author was also an English professor who transitioned in adulthood with a wife and kids.

Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults; A Guide for Professionals and Families (2019) by Finn Gratton.
Office for therapy in Mountain View.

Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism; Voices From Across the Spectrum (2019) by Mendes and Maroney.